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Case 1: Purchase Point Media Corporation (PPMC) INTRODUCTION This case is based on actual financial projections developed and provided by a publicly traded firm, Purchase Point Media Corporation (PPMC). Carefully examine the PPMC projections, which are presented in a sequence and format suitable for break-even calculation and analysis. After you calculate the break-even point, use additional, publicly available information to come to a decision with respect to market potential. The increase in the price per share of PPMC stock suggests that, over time, the market may have reacted to their results and analyses, using a comparable methodology. OBJECTIVES When you... Details
Final Case - Case 2: Motomart   Step 1 First, using Tables 3-5, note the pattern of operating profits (or losses) over the five-year period. Then focus only on the semi-fixed expenses contained in Table 3. Do any amounts appear to be odd? Next, briefly comment on the five-year pattern or trend for operating profit/loss measures. You should be able to respond to this step in a few well written sentences. Step 2 Focus only on the detailed semi-fixed expense contained in Table 4. Are there any unusual or odd patterns you might note in this detailed financial data? There... Details
Anxiety and Country This study examined differences in anxiety level between an industrial country and a nonindustrial country. Anxiety is assessed three ways—cognitive, affective, and behavioral—with higher scores indicating higher levels of the anxiety dimensions. Directions: Using the SPSS data file for Module 5 (located in Topic Materials), answer the following questions. NOTE: Helpful hints are provided here for you to use while answering these questions. What is the ONE independent variable in this study? What are the dependent variables? Why is a one-way between-subjects MANOVA appropriate to use for this research design? HINT: Consider the number of IVs and... Details
Part 2: Provider Database (Open Office Database) For a review of the complete rubric used in grading this exercise, click on the Assignments tab, then on the title Case Study Part 2 - Provider Database (Access)– click on Show Rubrics if the rubric is not already displayed. The grading rubric has been built for use with MS Access.  However, the elements graded and the point value for each element is identical for anyone using OO for this assignment. NOTE: there are some great tutorials on working with OpenOffice which can be found in the Content menu. Look for the Tutorials... Details
business - economics 1. Suppose as a manager of a profitable department store you are confronted with a pricing problem. You have two types of customers: a high-end type that are willing to pay a price of $25 for a pair of Levis Jeans, and a low-end type customer that are willing to pay a price of $15 for the same pair of jeans. Your marginal costs are $13 per jeans. Your survey of your customers for jeans tells you that 60% of your customers are of the high end type and 40% are of the low end type. (a)... Details
Acc102 Principles of Managerial Accounting: Final Project (Version 1) - 5 Problems Name: Student ID: Thomas Edison State College Principles of Managerial Accounting (ACC-102) Section no.: Semester and year: Final Project 1. Cost-volume-profit relationships (15 points) The following data are available for a product manufactured and sold by Logan Company: Compute the following: (a) Contribution margin per unit: $_______________ (b) Number of units that must be sold to break-even: _______________ units (c) Dollar sales volume to produce income of $864,000 before taxes: $_______________ Computations: 2. Incremental analysis (20 points) Information regarding current operations of the Farrell Corporation is given below:... Details
AC 113 Unit 8 Discussion: Fixed assets are a major classification on the balance sheet of most businesses. Understanding the computation of depreciation and the accounting for fixed assets is important. In this Discussion, you will look at the accounting for fixed assets and intangible assets. This week’s Discussion focuses on Activity 7-6 located on page 282 of your textbook, which reads as follows: The following is an excerpt from a conversation between the chief executive officer, Kim Jenkins, and the chief financial officer, Steve Mueller, of BKX Group Inc.: Kim: Steve, as you know, the auditors are coming in... Details
Required readings As for Week 7 (Individual Assignment) (8%) After studying The Orion Shield Project, each student is to address the following questions in a succinct and thoughtful report on 'Project Management Principles in the Orion Shield Case." NOTE: IN CASE YOU HAVE TROUBLE WITH THIS LINK TO THE ORION SHIELD PROJECT, it is also posted as a separate file in this week's module), Applying the readings from Week 7, what Project Management principles, if any, were violated in this case: By Project Manager Gary Allison, By Henry Larsen, Director of Engineering By Elliott Grey, Director of Program Management By... Details
Your manager was so impressed with your work analyzing the return and standard deviations of the 12 stocks from Chapter 10 that he would like you to continue your analysis. Specifically, he wants you to update the stock portfolio by: ■ Rebalancing the portfolio with the optimum weights that will provide the best risk and return combinations for the new 12-stock portfolio. ■ Determining the improvement in the return and risk that would result from these optimum weights compared to the current method of equally weighting the stocks in the portfolio. Use the Solver function in Excel to perform this... Details
Discussion Question: How can you create an environment that enables employees to adapt to the inevitable changes that will occur on your project? What tools can you provide to your employees to facilitate their adaptation? Discussion Question: Identify and describe at least three inputs you would use in order to develop the project plan. Briefly explain how and why you might use each. Assignment: 1 1. What is the role of the project manager in the selection of the project? What criteria does the project manager use to select the project, and how are these criteria derived? 2. List and... Details
"You are a new analyst for a large brokerage firm. You are anxious to demonstrate the skills you learned in your MBA class and prove that you are worth your attractive salary. Your first assignment is to analyze the stock of the General Electric Corp. Your boss recommends determining prices based on both the dividend-discount model and discounted free cash flow valuation methods. The expected return on a new investment is 12%. However, you are a little concerned because your finance professor has told you that these two methods can result in widely differing estimates when applied to real data.... Details
OIM Assignment: Azzaz Report This is an individualassignment worth 50% of the module mark. Word length: equivalent of 3000 words in total (do not exceed word limit for each, a penalty will apply for assignments that exceed it by more than 10%). Do not include References in the word count. This assignment is in four parts. Section Content Word Count Marks Part A Analysis – Business Process Models and strategy analysis 1000 (equivalent to) 30 Part B Open Source Software Comparison Table 500 (equivalent to) 20 Part C Report 1250 40 Part D Reflection on your contribution to the online... Details
PSYC 100 - Introductory Psychology Final Examination – DUE December 13, 2015 Fall, 2015 Instructions: Please submit (either via LEO or attached to an email) only your answers, numbered 1-50, on a single page. Do not send me the entire exam. ____1. Which of the following is most likely to be an assumption of psychological researchers? (A) Human behavior is unpredictable and random. (B) Behavior follows discoverable, predictable patterns. (C) All explanations of behavior are to be found in the environment. (D) Human behavior is the result of predeter- mined forces acting upon the individual. ____2. Whenever Aaron, who has... Details
Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points) [01.06] Equilibrium price is the point where supply and demand meet. average price for all brands of the same product. price the government sets for a product. price charged for products of equal quality. Question 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points) [01.06] When the public learned of the connection between too much sun exposure and skin cancer, the demand curve for sunscreen shifted to the left. shifted to the right. stayed the same. became equal to zero. Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points) [03.01] Joseph Unahue made his fortune in men’s professional... Details
BIOLOGY 101 Fall 2015 FINAL EXAMINATION Please copy and paste the final examination into a Word file. Complete it in this form (do not make any structural changes!) and submit it as an attachment into your Assignment Folder. Do not forget to put your name on top of the exam! The absolute deadline for submission is Sunday, November 22, NOON ET. I cannot accept any later submissions. YOUR NAME: _______________________________________________________________ Total possible points: 100 I. Multiple choice questions. Please bold or underline the correct answer (1point each=50 points) 1. Several features, or properties, of living things may also be found... Details
1. ABC has issued a $1000 par bond with 25 years to maturity, 7% coupon rate, and semi-annual payments. Calculate the present value if the bond if the YTM is 7%. 2. How would the answer to #1 change if the YTM is 9%? 3. How would the answer to #1 change if the YTM is 5%? 4. What bond relationship are Problems 1-3 discussing? 1. ABC issued 12-year bonds at a coupon rate of 8% with semi-annual payments. If the bond currently sells for $1050 of par value, what is the YTM? 2. ABC issued 12-year bonds 2 years... Details
5-1.) Jackson Corporation’s bonds have 12 years remaining to maturity. Interest is paid annually, the bonds have a $1,000 par value, and the coupon interest rate is 8%. The bonds have a yield to maturity of 9%. What is the current market price of these bonds? P = F*r*[1 -(1+i)^-n]/i + C*(1+i)^-n In this problem F = 1000. Since we are not given the maturity value, we can assume that it is the same as the par value. So, C = 1000. r = .08, i = .09, n = 12 1000*.08 * (1 - 1.09^-12)/.09 + 1000*1.09^-12 = $928.39... Details
Inconsistent regulation of APN role and scope prevent a seamless healthcare system in which APN can practice. Discussion Question: What evidence-based strategies should be implemented to achieve continuity between state regulatory boards? Provide evidence for your response. Once a seamless entry into practice is achieved, it will become more likely that independent practice will follow. Discussion Question: Is independent NP practice allowed in Texas? Discuss your opinion regarding independent NP practice. Provide evidence for your response. Details
Rules – Welding Welding/Cutting Safety Research Exercise 1. T or F When hoisting compressed gas cylinders you should always use a double wrap choker hitch rather than a single choker hitch that may allow the cylinder to slide out. 2. T or F You may lay a compressed gas cylinder horizontally on the forks of a forklift as long as the cylinder is secured. 3. How would you free compressed gas cylinders if they were frozen to each other and/or to the ground? 4. Oxygen cylinders in storage should be separated from fuel-gas cylinders in two ways. What are they?... Details
Question 1 of 20 5.0 Points Upon return from leave under the FMLA, the employee: A. must be allowed to return to his or her job as long as it was not necessary to fill it while the employee was on leave. B. must be allowed to return to the same or an equivalent job. C. must be allowed to reapply for his or her prior job. D. can be reassigned to another position with comparable pay. Reset Selection Question 2 of 20 5.0 Points Proving more than minor differences between the qualifications of the plaintiff and the successful applicant... Details